​​Top-tier Healthcare Providers and leading local broadcasters working together to help people make informed treatment decisions.

Since 1987 Schulhof & Associates has specialized in bringing together leading health care systems, physician practices and TV stations to meet the ever-increasing need for health care information. Our principals offer decades of experience in the broadcast media, marketing and public relations.

Experience Makes A Difference

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Your Health-Your Decision® fills a critical need.

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Your Health - Your Decision®


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Sinclair Broadcast Group Takes a Leadership Position

in Helping People Make Informed Medical Decisions

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Previous co-funded healthcare information initiatives:

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Healthcare Provider Benefit Summary:

  • Market exclusivity:  your facility selects as many key markets that are important for your growth.
  • Cost-sharing:  Schulhof & Associates provides a leading broadcast partner in each market to co-fund and co-brand the YHYD Initiative with your organization.
  • The Your Health-Your Decision Initiative is cost-effective:  Local broadcasters promote, co-fund and co-brand YHYD to maximize impact and ROI.
  • The Your Health-Your Decision Initiative reaches a broad, national audience on multiple platforms - on-air, online, and social media channels.
  • The Your Health-Your Decision Initiative augments your brand and draws new patients from new markets.
  • The Your Health-Your Decision Initiative enhances your position as a patient advocate and a trusted brand, assisting patients and their families in evaluating the best treatment options.
  • Ease of execution:  Schulhof & Associates and our network of TV stations provide all marketing and production support to ensure success.

Today, those diagnosed with with a medical condition that requires care have access to an abundance of information that can be confusing at best or misleading at worst. ​Patients and their families are left largely on their own to make life-critical treatment decisions.

The Your Health-Your Decision Initiative is an exclusive media partnership between leading healthcare providers and local television stations across the U.S. This partnership targets the most valuable consumers: those who need treatment now.

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     In a first-ever effort of its kind undertaken by a broadcast company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. announces a nationwide campaign to help people who need medical care make informed treatment decisions. The initiative, Your Health–Your Decision (YHYD), will be available throughout the 173-station Sinclair network. YHYD will provide a platform for patients to learn the most up-to-date options for their care, and for providers to reach patients who need their services the most.

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(December, 2016)  Your Health–Your Decision campaign now offered nationwide.

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