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  • Market exclusivity:  your facility selects as many key markets that are important for your growth.
  • Cost-sharing:  Schulhof,Regan & Associates provides a leading broadcast partner in each market to co-fund and co-brand the Understanding Cancer Campaign with your organization.
  • The Understanding Cancer Campaign is cost-effective:  Local broadcasters promote, co-fund, and co-brand the campaign to maximize impact and ROI.
  • The Understanding Cancer Campaign reaches a broad, regional/national audience on multiple platforms:  on-air, online, and social media channels.
  • The Understanding Cancer Campaign extends your brand and draws new patients from new and existing markets.
  • The Understanding Cancer Campaign enhances your position as a patient advocate and a trusted brand, assisting patients and their families in evaluating the best treatment options.
  • Ease of execution:  Schulhof, Regan & Associates and our network of TV stations provide all marketing and production support to ensure success.

Today, those diagnosed with with cancer have access to an abundance of information that can be confusing at best or misleading at worst. ​Patients and their families are left largely on their own to make life-critical treatment decisions.

The Understanding Cancer Initiative is an exclusive media partnership between leading cancer treatment providers and local television stations across the U.S. This partnership targets the most valuable consumers: those who need treatment now.

Understanding Cancer®

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Experience Ensures Success

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​​Understanding Cancer is an evolution of over 35 years of successful healthcare media partnerships by Schulhof, Regan & Associates. These information-based, marketing-driven campaigns have provided healthcare guidance to millions of viewers with support from 96 stations in 43 markets across the US.

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Cancer Treatment Provider Benefit Summary:

Since 1987 Schulhof, Regan & Associates has specialized in bringing together leading health care systems, physician practices and TV stations to meet the ever-increasing need for health care information. Our principals offer decades of experience in the broadcast media, marketing and public relations.

Experience Makes a Difference

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Understanding Cancer® fills a critical need.

In a first-ever effort of its kind undertaken by a broadcast company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. announces a nationwide campaign to help people diagnosed with cancer make informed treatment decisions. The initiative, UNDERSTANDING CANCER, will be available throughout the 173-station Sinclair network. Understanding Cancer will provide a platform for patients to learn the most up-to-date options for their care, and for providers to reach patients who need their services the most.

Sinclair Broadcasting Takes a Leadership Role

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A Media Partnership to Help Those Diagnosed With Cancer Make Informed Treatment Decisions

Previous co-funded healthcare information initiatives:

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