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Schulhof, Regan & Associates is now Huggins, Schulhof & Regan. What hasn’t changed is that we are the still the leaders in developing healthcare media partnerships. William "Billy" Huggins joins us as managing  partner with over 20 years of experience running multiple stations working with our campaigns. The addition of Billy adds to our depth and experience spanning over 35 years, benefitting both our healthcare providers and the broadcasters we work with across the country.

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Our campaigns are positioned as a patient advocate and a trusted brand assisting patients and their families in need of treatment make informed treatment decisions.

Our campaigns are positioned as a patient advocate and a trusted brand assisting patients and their families in need of treatment to make informed treatment decisions.

Our campaigns are designed not to dilute any existing relationships with healthcare providers.  Rather, they develop entirely new relationships with top-tier healthcare systems.

We work on a DMA-exclusive basis.  Our campaigns consist of:​​

  • Partnership on-air promotions
  • Targeted treatment updates
  • In-depth web-based treatment videos
  • Digital support

Provider Benefit Summary:

  • Market exclusivity:  Your facility selects key markets that are important for your growth as a healthcare provider.
  • Cost-sharing:  Huggins, Schulhof & Regan secures a leading broadcast partner in each market to co-fund and co-brand the YHYD network with your organization.
  • YHYD reaches a broad, national audience on multiple platforms - on-air, online, and social media channels.
  • YHYD augments your facility's brand and draws new patients from new markets.
  • YHYD enhances your facility's position as a patient advocate and a trusted brand, assisting patients and their families in evaluating the best treatment options.
  • Ease of execution:  Our country-wide network of TV stations provides marketing and production support to ensure success.

Today, those diagnosed with a medical condition needing treatment have access to an abundance of healthcare information that can be confusing at best or misleading at worst. ​Patients and their families are left largely on their own to make life-critical treatment decisions.

Your Health-Your Decision (YHYD) is an exclusive media partnership between leading healthcare providers and local broadcasters. This partnership targets the most valuable consumers: those who need treatment now.

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When Hospitals Compete,

Patients Win, You Win

Studies reveal medical care

improves with competition (AEA Study)

For more information and for market availability, contact:

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For over 35 years, Huggins, Schulhof & Regan has specialized in bringing together leading health care systems, physician practices, and TV stations to meet the ever-increasing need for health care information. Our principals offer decades of experience in broadcast media,marketing, and public relations to provide maximum ROI for all participants.

Your Health-Your Decision - The Competitive Advantage

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Over the last 35 years Healthcare & Broadcast has evolved and so have we!

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